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Grow Your Business in 90 Days!

How is the Ai Accelerator For Entrepreneurs Program Delivered?

  • 1:1 ONBOARDING: We’ll meet with you to learn about your business, learn your goals, biggest opportunities, challenges and dreams
  • LIVE TRAINING: For 12 weeks, join us for a weekly dynamic 90-minute session, with a deep dive into a new playbook, followed by  “do it with us” live hotseats. During these sessions, we tackle real-world business challenges, culminating in an engaging Ask Me Anything segment.
  • 18 Ai “PLAYBOOKS”: Plug-and-play, fill-in-the-blanks, easy-to-follow systems that you or anyone on your team can use
  • Membership Portal: Every session is recorded, transcribed, summarized and added to your membership portal with reusable copy-paste prompts and instructions!

+ All These FREE BONUSES Included in Your Membership:

Membership Site

Engage with the Ai Accelerator For Entrepreneurs content and team digitally. Rewatch your live training sessions, review Ai playbooks, cheatsheets, and transcripts again and again.

Ai Directory

Step-by-step scripts to use in your business and the latest directory of Ai tools and apps to jumpstart copywriting, with time-saving tips and resources.

Ai Playbooks

Our full library of step-by-step, follow-along, copy & paste prompts that you can use NOW to increase efficiency, save time and make more money.

Your Next Act
Get a free copy of Mike's most recent bestseller, Your Next Act: The 6 Growth Accelerators for Creating a Business You’ll Love for the Rest of Your Life
Your 10X Multiplier Blueprint

With our 10X Multiplier Blueprint, you'll get the step-by-step course based on Mike's $150K Superpower Accelerator Vision Day Experience ($2,997 value).

Speed learning

Unlock the Power of Speed Learning: How to Consume 30 Hours of Content in 30 Minutes with ChatGPT is a must-have resource to save you so much time so you can focus on what really matters.

Training On Generative Ai for Executives

Watch Mike's latest training on Generative Ai for Executives from his Keynote at the Dave Asprey BioHacking Conference.

Gear Guide
Mike shares all of the latest equipment he recommends clients get and use, including what is in his studio in the Studio Tour video.
Reinvention Masterclass

Our Reinvention Masterclass teaches you how to reinvent yourself, create a new business and personal branding ($1997 value)

Money Phone
MoneyPhone: One of Mike's most powerful strategies for business building and selling, using nothing more than an iPhone.
Referral Party
Get a free copy of Mike's most recent bestseller,  Referral Party: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with Zero Funnels, Zero Ads and Zero Costs
Punch The Elephant
Get a free copy of Mike's most recent bestseller, Punch the Elephant: How to Sell Anything to Anyone and Overcome any Objection…Even if You’re Bad at Sales AND his sales system training.

The Ai Accelerator For Entrepreneurs Program

Discover your biggest pain points in your business and fix them. Build tools and resources that help make you and your teams more productive so you're not doing stuff that aggravates you, and you finally have time to work on your big dreams.

Ai Accelerator Playbooks - Sales Growth and Teams

Create – Optimize – Grow Revenue

We help you create your next transformational offer with clarity and confidence to generate more income rapidly. Ai will help you write everything you'll need in minutes – from clearly identifying and defining your niche and audience to developing or refining your core offer and pricing.

Here's what we'll do together:

Perfect Client

Define Your Market Niche and Audience so Your Message Resonates

High Ticket Offer System

Your Signature System and Premium Offer to Charge More

Signature Talk & Presentation

Ai Writes Your Talk and Builds Your Presentation and Graphics

Message & Marketing System

Ai Writes Fast Converting Social Media, Videos and Sales Scripts

Sales, Growth & Teams

Supercharge your team's productivity and fine-tune your client engagement systems. You'll craft everything swiftly in Ai — from redefining your HR processes to elevating your client follow-up strategies, all aimed at boosting your revenue in record time.

Your Sales Powerhouse

Drive Up Enrollments and Sales Conversions with Ai that Convert Faster

Grow Your Ideal Team

Streamline HR Workflows and Recruitment Processes to Save Time, Money and Maximize Efficiency

Client Success Formula

Develop Ai-Enhanced Client Relationship Management Plans that Resonate

Operational Blueprint

Implement Quick and Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Seamless Execution

Ai Accelerator Playbooks - Create Optimize Grow Revenue
Ai Accelerator Playbooks - Make Your Big Dreams Come True

Make Your Big Dreams Come True

With the foundation in place, we focus next on growing your platform and your audience. Getting your message out to the world and allowing you to spend more time in your superpower.

Build a Brand Toolkit

Craft your iconic brand story, visual identity and message to attract your ideal clients

Publish, Profit Ai Bookwriting Playbook

Write your next bestselling book, from blank page to published author in days

KnowledgeBot Toolkit

Transform your knowledge and expertise into on-demand bots to empower your team and clients 24/7

Podcast, Interview and Video Marketing Machine

Grow your authority, audience and get booked on top podcasts and create binge-worthy videos

With Ai ACCELERATOR FOR ENTREPRENEURS, you'll become the fearless leader guiding your team through uncharted Ai territories, unlocking new possibilities, and demonstrating how Ai can be your secret weapon in delivering exceptional services.