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Ai Blueprint - Mike Koenigs Video

Get An Ai Blueprint for Your Business

Ready to power up your business with Ai but not sure where to start? You're not alone. Every entrepreneur's journey into Ai is filled with crucial questions. But with a custom Ai Blueprint in hand and the right partner, you can quickly integrate Ai in your business.

Ai Blueprint - Mike Koenigs Video

We will do the hard work for you!

Let's tackle those universal queries and shine a light on your route to Ai success! Every day, my team and I are showing business owners and founders how to use Ai to save hours of time each week, increase team productivity, automate annoying tasks, and ultimately make more money without adding overhead.

Evolve your Ai Systems from Toys to Tools

What we achieve in one morning…

No matter where you are in your Ai business journey, every business owner and entrepreneur asks me the same basic questions:

  • 1How can I use Ai to get my time back?
  • 1How exactly do I get started with Ai?
  • 3What should I use Ai for?
  • 4What can Ai do or not do?
  • 5What programs and apps are best?
  • 6How much time and money can I realistically save?
  • 7Can Ai replace or augment my teams?
  • 8Can I get rid of employees?
  • 9And, how do I implement Ai smoothly without causing an internal mutiny?
Mike Koenigs

Why the Ai Accelerator Blueprint makes a difference.

Ever since Ai became mainstream, my team and I have shown thousands of business owners and founders how to use Ai to save hours of time each week, increase team productivity, automate annoying, difficult, or expensive tasks, and ultimately make more money without adding overhead.

Let’s face it – employees can understandably be afraid of Ai replacing them.

But implemented thoughtfully, Ai can make teams significantly more productive and profitable and free them from tedious tasks to focus on higher-value work.

Productive Team
Mike Koenigs


In less than half a day, you get a plan and achieve “Ai CLARITY” for your business:

  • 1Learn exactly how Ai can help your specific business
  • 1Discover the best applications based on your needs
  • 3Walk away with a feasible implementation plan guaranteed to drive revenue, productivity and time savings

That’s what our Ai Accelerator Blueprint delivers.

Productive Team

In a single discovery session, we’ll audit your business, offers, website, challenges, and dreams and create a unique blueprint to get you where you want to go.

We’ve already built solutions for nearly every B2B and B2C scenario, including healthcare, real estate, wealth management, investing, family offices, professional services, coaching, advisory, consulting, construction, software and SaaS, longevity, wireless and mobile, space, nutrition, and personal development.

After meeting 1:1 with an Ai Advisor, you’ll get a customized plan outlining how to leverage Ai for a 3x-10x ROI.

Next, you’ll have a session with one of our Fractional Ai Officers to deliver your plan, resources, and implementation recommendations. We’ll describe what to do next so you hit the ground running and even prototype some solutions with you while we meet.

Businesses that don’t take this approach are often confused and distracted by the non-stop parade of shiny objects and new Ai tools that are exciting but overwhelming.

Our Ai Blueprint has a simple process:

Ai Blueprint - Step 1

We focus on the outcome you want to achieve.

Ai Blueprint - Step 2

We build you the roadmap to get you there

Ai Blueprint - Step 3

We include proven, trusted, and flexible tools that produce results

Ai Blueprint - Step 4

A plan of what to do first that provides the most value, time and money savings

Ai Blueprint - Step 5

A pathway to creating income and equity for your business

Meet our Chief Ai Officer Brad

Brad Costanzo

Brad Costanzo is a serial entrepreneur turned business and innovation strategist. With over two decades of experience in growth marketing, he empowers organizations with cutting-edge strategies to increase productivity, creativity and to conquer complex challenges while transforming human resources into superhuman resources.

With diverse experience spanning real estate, direct sales, and online marketing, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve exponential growth.

He is the host of the popular podcast “Bacon Wrapped Business,” where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, sharing invaluable insights and strategies for business success.

Ready to get started?

Schedule your discovery session and answer a few questions. Then we’ll take it from there!

We’re looking forward to showing you how Ai can transform your business.
But if you still have questions..
Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

Peter Diamandis calls Mike “An Arsonist of the Mind in all the best ways”

He’s a serial entrepreneur with five successful exits and an 18x bestselling author.

He helps entrepreneurs create their “Next Act”, high-net, low-overhead, high-impact, lifestyle-compatible and simple businesses they love. He’s the secret weapon of founders looking to create and launch a new business after an exit, and build a magnetic personal brand that multiplies the value of everything they do.

His expertise and success have led him to work with major brands and high-profile clients, including Sony, AT&T, BMW, 20th Century Fox, Best Buy and 3M.

As a pioneer in teaching Ai, Mike has taken the stage at Tony Robbins' events, Peter Diamandis' Abundance 360 conferences, MIT, EO, YPO, Strategic Coach, Genius Network, JJ Virgin’s Mindshare and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking events, inspiring and educating audiences with his innovative Ai insights and systems.

His programs have helped executives and founders, like you, to consistently achieve ground-breaking results in dozens of industries and verticals, including healthcare, biotech, longevity, software, wealth, finance, investing, real estate, education, personal brands, entertainment, luxury products, space, experiences and events, legal, HR, advertising, marketing and more.